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Here is what people have to say about Santa Rick!!

 When Santa Rick came through the front door we knew that the "real" Santa was in the house. The kids were in awe and hung on his every word. He read a story, visited with each child and passed out our presents. We never felt rushed and even the adults wanted pictures with him! Santa Rick is truly the best.



"Last year my husband and I had a Christmas party at my home for our grandchildren and they had a surprise visit from Santa Rick. He was the perfect Santa in looks and in action! Prior to his visit, he had asked me to give him a little information on each grandchild. When he sat with each child on his lap, he brought up information that only Santa would know. He gave each of the children a small gift (that I had provided), a candy cane and he told them a mesmerizing story about one of his elves. I’m looking forward to his visit again this year and I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to provide the thrill of Santa coming for a visit. It will give you and your loved ones a lifetime of special Christmas memories!"




"My children could not stop talking about meeting the REAL Santa! What a treat!"



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